Time to Flip the Script

“I am stuck…

I don’t have enough clients…

I am not making enough money…

I don’t know where to speak…

I don’t think networking events work…

I am overwhelmed…

I am alone…”

Ever experience any of these thoughts?

If so, it’s time to flip the script.

At Red Elephant, we try not to adopt these conversations into our work environment but, let’s just be real – it happens to all of us.

If you have experienced any of these moments within the past 3 months you are not alone. Most of my coaching calls have been about flipping the script and moving our clients from desperation to inspiration.

Want to know my method for coaching my clients? It’s simple – I start with what uniquely makes each client standout and help get them connected to who they are. Once you're connected to who you are on a soul level, no circumstance can get in your way regarding what is available to you.

Of course, the work goes much deeper than this, and if you're ready to flip your script – here are my top 4 things you should do/not do right away.

  • Don’t lend your power to anyone or any word. For example, instead of saying “I”m Stuck”, flip it to “I’m re-committing to _________.” You will see the power of language open up new doors.

  • Ask for help. Too often coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs, healers and artists go at it alone. We are afraid it will show our weaknesses if we ask for what we really need. How many times have you thought of asking people to work with you at a networking event or in a mastermind but what you say instead is, “I am working on my website, program, packages.” We default to saying something that is comfortable. Let me leave you with this – if you need it, ask for it.

  • Get Uncomfortable! To create new results you need to take actions you haven’t taken before. Need some ideas? Here is what I’ve given my clients to work on this week: Make 5 asks a day for 21 days. Practicing the art of asking will help you grow as an entrepreneur.

  • What is a personal goal you want to accomplish right away? Most entrepreneurs have businesses that run their lives. Your life can’t be run by anything or anyone. You have a say. You get to declare right now, how do you want to thrive in your life? You can’t just be a busy entrepreneur – that is not inspirational. Create your “Thrive Goals” and start living a life that is meant to be lived!


Find these tips helpful? I wanted to give you a taste of a coaching call with me. If you feel empowered from just the few minutes it took you to read this message, what do you think it would be like to be in a conversation with me, my partner Iman and a room full of committed impact-driven entrepreneurs?

Each year our company hosts a 3-Day event to create an environment where community, collaboration, and clarity emerges. Being in business is hard on the best of days, but when it consumes your every waking moment and you still don’t have the results you want, it’s time to hit pause.

We invite you to hit pause with us for 3 days and join us for a transformational event you won’t regret – we guarantee it.

For a complimentary ticket – check out this link

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