The Knight, the Bishop, the Queen & the Rook.

The Knight, the Bishop, the Queen, the Rook.

These are considered the most powerful pieces in the game of chess. Each piece has a specific role to play. Without understanding the roles of all pieces of chess, you will struggle to win.

There are important games people in our communities are playing. And it can often feel like people who were on the same team are now on opposing sides. 

How do you navigate your voice in a game that feels at times too big to play? 

First let’s take a step back. Let’s look at any business or an organization. Everyone’s roles and how those roles interface are laid out so people know how to work with one another.

In a different game, a bigger one, a movement of millions which we have no formal training for, it’s often one of the obstacles that we have to constantly overcome. Solopreneurship is similar to running a movement of millions in that we’re playing all the roles with little distinction between them. Mostly, we’re not talking to ourselves in the various distinctions necessary to be optimally effective.

What we actually mean is knowing what role it is that you play and understanding what roles others play and the varying nuances of those distinct roles. What’s happening socially has revealed this lesson to us, but it’s been a huge eye-opener for our business as well.

To clarify, every movement has players and those players organize into different roles. And while some of those roles need to coordinate and speak to one another, their functions are very different.

For example, the protestor and the spokesperson have very different functions, even when they are on the same side of an issue. One of the reasons we see them often being at odds is because they have different objectives and are both fighting to make sure their objective is reached. Not understanding the other’s objective or that there are other objectives that are equally as important, can slow down or interrupt the momentum both of them could carry if they were speaking the same language.

To make change, to win the game, we need to dig deeper and understand the role you play. Need some tips? 

Here’s what we recommend:

  • Pick what role you’re most suited to play and can serve the most effectively in.
  • If you need to play more than one role – distinguish them and do the planning for each role separately.
  • Figure out how each role needs to interface with every other role.
  • Get support. Don’t go it alone if you don’t have to.

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