The Biggest Thing That Kills Most Movements and Businesses

Some of you are already guessing at what I'm about to say.

I'll list some high-ranking items that contribute to business-killing that aren't the #1 thing:

  • Poor sales (or lack of)
  • Poor marketing
  • Poor systems
  • Poor customer service
  • Poor integrity

Any of the above-listed issues can harm or cause a business to go belly up, but there's something else that comes before any of these items and is often the root cause of why these issues arise to begin with: a lack of confidence.

If you really think about it, confidence is where most people consistently fall down. They may be confident in one area, but lack confidence in others.

I know brilliant marketers who get nervous and weird when it comes time to sell.

Some of the best service providers I've worked with fold and turn into little kids when having to confront a customer service issue (or they get bold and make the customer think it's their fault, in some cases) – both born of a lack of confidence.

Lack of Confidence is the #1 killer of a business or a movement. Please take pause for a second and see where in the movement you lead or in the business you run do you lack confidence?

Here are 7 things you can start or stop doing to increase your confidence in any aspect of your business:

  1. Stop talking trash about yourself to yourself. This one is huge. Most people were not born to be entrepreneurs. In fact, we weren't born to be anything. Our schooling system doesn't teach us how to run businesses (for the most part). Take a breath and remember, you're building this ship as it sails and you weren't supposed to already know the things you don't know and you're pretty badass for venturing into something with this many unknowns just because you're committed to making a difference. You're amazing – stop telling yourself anything different.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others. They are not on your journey. You are not on their journey. Your circumstances and abilities are not shared. Drawing comparisons with people ahead of where you want to be can make you feel bad or guilty about not being where they are and comparisons with people who you're ‘ahead of' will give you a false sense of confidence that has no foundation.
  3. Make friends with failure. Failure is your access to growth and development. In order for your funnels and ascension models or whatever processes you're implementing to work, they must fail and you must discover why they failed so you can master the fix. There is no mastery without failing. The more you embrace failure, the quicker you can rise. People who avoid failure cannot grow. Without growth, there is no increase in confidence.
  4. Find a mentor. This is so important. Having someone look into your business from the outside provides you a vantage point you cannot have from the inside. A paid mentor is preferred – research shows that you will value and implement the advice of someone you pay with greater fortitude than if you were to get the advice for free. Listen to what they say about you and your abilities from outside of the bubble rather than what you say from inside of it.
  5. Create small wins. No need to save the planet today. Instead, do one thing, even if it's tiny, that will lead you to saving the planet when it's your time to. No win is too small for your mindset – your brain doesn't operate that way. A win is a win and all wins contribute to creating a winning mindset and increasing your confidence. A series of small wins is much more powerful for the mind than one big win.
  6. Take time to make things clear. The clearer a task or an objective or even a communication is for you, the more confidence it will give you. We know clarity breeds confidence. Take time to have things be clear even if it means repeating something you don't want to repeat or asking someone else to. That confidence will lead to an uptick in action.
  7. Take a stand. There's something you care deeply about. It keeps you up at night. You think about it incessantly. Start telling people about it and being authentic about who you are. Those meant to come along for the ride – they will. This is your soul's work and you can't keep denying it or being inactive about it. Define your principles and values from your stand and then go live them – with your colleagues, your family, your neighbors, the dry cleaner – be who you are everywhere, not just where it's convenient. This will increase your confidence exponentially.

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