Stop Avoiding – Start Confronting

Ok, confronting can be scary, but once you attack what needs confronting – there's a whole new freedom on the other side.

I was watching Game of Thrones (big surprise) this week and I noticed something that instantly made so many of my business mistakes from over the years make perfect sense.

Way back in Season 1 – 10 years ago – about the length of time we've been in business – one of the main characters, Jamie Lannister, pushes another, Brandon Stark, out a window and causes him to be paralyzed.

Ten years later, Jamie is forced to confront Brandon and face a tribunal for his actions.

This got me thinking – what were the pains and discomforts I was trying to avoid when we first got into business? How are they impacting us now and what can I do to expedite dealing with them? What have I been avoiding dealing with in life – not just business, and how are those things holding me back.

This also got me thinking about how I can take on confronting things quickly and efficiently. I'm no wallflower when it comes to confrontation – unless I don't like dealing with it. What structures do I need to implement in order to make certain I not only confront things, but do so quickly?

Take a look at your business and your life – what are you avoiding? What are you taking on to cause a shift for yourself and the people around you? What do you need to put in place to make sure you confront quickly? You don't want to be like Jamie Lannister and have to pay the price 10 years later…

Confront it now and give yourself and yourself the peace of mind you deserve. Like with Jamie Lannister (spoiler alert), there's freedom on the other side.

Some recommended practices:

  • Use a daily checklist to see what you're avoiding and/or what you need to confront
  • Ask those closest to you if they see anything you need to take on
  • Hire a coach who is unafraid about telling you what you need to hear
  • Deal with things in the moment – don't pretend there's a ‘later' in which ‘you'll get to it.'

Comment below – let us know what you're taking on.


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