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In the musical Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton perfectly describes what we think leadership should be. He said to Aaron Burr, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

We agree. We believe leaders should have the following traits to succeed: courage, self-awareness, and influence. Whatever your job is — entrepreneur, marketing manager, life coach, real estate agent, financial advisor, or account executive — you need these traits to transform lives.

Allow us to show you just how the right community and women empowerment tools can bring out the best in you.

The Free Ten-Day Challenge

We designed the free Stand for Your Stand ten-day challenge for women game-changers in business to inspire, challenge, and uplift them. Women have innate entrepreneurship and leadership skills that we help them unleash through a transformative event.

We believe that everything we do starts with a stand that affects our core values, mission, and vision. When you have a clear perception of what you stand for, you create an unshakable foundation for your personal life and career.

The coveted Stand for Your Stand challenge has a three-pronged system that enables attendees to unlock their full potential: inspiration, challenges, and community.

First, we inspire attendees into action. Our speakers are notable leaders with massive influence in their fields. We encourage them to tell their stories of discovery, overcoming challenges, and achievement in their chosen fields. Our speakers will discuss the importance of taking a stand for yourself and your community.

However, we will not hand everything to you. We will provide you with real-time challenges that will propel your journey to self-discovery. We will help you overcome your fears and remove obstacles standing between you and success. But you have to do the work. If you do, you can change your career as an entrepreneur, marketing manager, life coach, real estate agent, financial advisor, or account executive forever.

Lastly, through our groundbreaking event, you will meet a community of mentors who will inspire you to express your stand in the world. If you do not make a stand, you become a confused combination of everybody else. It is only by wholeheartedly standing for something that you can be an influential leader.

Join us from (Date) to (Date) to connect, collaborate, and create breakthroughs that will lead you to the best version of yourself.

The Power of a Community

At Red Elephant, we value the power of a community. Each of us has strengths that enable us to achieve results. Some of us are marketing experts who can create dynamic digital campaigns. On the other hand, there are accounting professionals who can maximize efficiency and minimize costs. We also have operations specialists who can efficiently reduce delivery times.

Individually, we can reach a certain level of success if we work hard enough, but being with a group of like-minded individuals empowers us to unlock new heights. With a community behind us, we get fresh ideas, extra doses of confidence, and the drive to put ourselves to the limit. Our herd gives us a sense of belonging and enables us to forge relationships that help our personal and business lives thrive.

Red Elephant is a diverse community of passionate game-changers who use their business platforms to create movements much bigger and greater than themselves. Our stand at Red Elephant is to empower entrepreneurs through life-changing events that allow them to achieve their goals and impact social change.

The Hosts

Red Elephant’s Afrin and Iman Khan are the hosts of the 2021 Stand for Your Stand event happening from (Date) to (Date), at (Time).

Afrin had the vision that started Red Elephant in 2011. She uses her marketing and management background to train and guide coaches, clients, and the rest of the Red Elephant community to succeed.

Iman is the president of Red Elephant and leads most of the coaching and training performed within the company. He worked as an international journalist and social activist. Throughout his career, he has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders reach new levels of success.

Together, Afrin and Iman created Red Elephant, a revolutionary movement offering transformative live and digital events. Our founders have developed thousands of groundbreaking events for hundreds of thousands of participants. Many of our past clients often speak about their phenomenal event experience. With the Red Elephant, no two events are the same. Each one is a distinct life-changing experience.

Some of our more notable clients include Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group, award-winning author Deepak Chopra, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus.

Book Your Spot Now

The Stand for Your Stand is a free ten-day challenge open for any dynamic entrepreneur or leader ready to accomplish exponential personal and business growth. Happening from (Date) to (Date), we created this event to help participants unleash their full leadership potential.

While this transformative event is free of charge, please note that we have limited spots available. If you have any questions or would like to reserve a seat, you may reach us through We will get in touch within one business day. Book your spot now to achieve your goals for 2021!

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