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After 3 months of navigating the global health pandemic that was and continues to ravage human life, the murder of George Floyd sparked protests across the country and then the world that has people risking acquiring the Coronavirus in exchange for standing up for what they believe in and doing what's right as powerfully displayed by the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The amount of pain people are experiencing is beginning to be understood for the first time in all of its depth and in the various forms in which people are experiencing it. Racial inequality, police brutality and injustice overall can no longer be tolerated and the suddenness with which all of this has unfolded (at least in the experience of the spectator) has left many people stunned into silence and not knowing how to respond or being afraid to and we've been on a exploration to find out why more people aren't speaking up to deal with our own frustration over it.

Here's what we discovered, some of which we knew and understood and some of which truly is a discovery: Rejection follows the same neural pathways to the brain as does physical pain. Because of this, people's fear of rejection actually is a fear of physical pain. For the brain, speaking up and being rejected causes the same sensations as actual physical pain, which explained, at least in part, people's reluctance to.

With that distinguished, we believe that if you're someone who leads other people, there's an onus on you to figure this out and respond. There's a certain amount of leeway your fans and followers will give you to figure it out, but that's appropriately limited. It's going to be unacceptable to anyone who relies on you for leadership, or pays you for it, for you not to lead.

Leadership isn't about doing simply what's contracted. That's the business of every day life. Leadership is about going past what's required to provide what's necessary, especially when it's not easy or convenient to do so. So if you haven't spoken up, we request you do. We've always been a resource to our community during stressful times, specifically in the areas of leadership, crisis management or simply not knowing what to do. If you're interested in free resources we have that may be able to support you, you can contact us at info@redelephantinc.com.

The other factor we've discovered that's having people stay silent is not being able to locate where they are. The oscillation between a wide range of intense emotions leaves people exhausted and confused and not knowing how to move forward, so we're providing a list of resources that have helped us and helped our clients, below.


  1. We're going to be hosting a live Zoom call on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 from 8:30PM – 10:00PM. For those of you interested in learning how to  navigate what's happening socially AND learning how to speak up in a way that's impactful and appropriate for your audience, please join us. You can click here to register. (It's Free)
  2. You can join various policy advocacy platforms (here's a few we're engaged with):
    1. Campaign Zero
    2. 8 Can't Wait
    3. National Police Accountability Project
    4. Know Your Rights Camp
  3. You can write your Congressional Representatives or Senators
  4. Increase your awareness and education on race in America. Here's a list of what we're reading.
    1. The Racial Healing Handbook
    2. Me and white supremacy
    3. Check Your Privilege
    4. White Fragility
    5. So you want to talk about race
    6. I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a world made for whiteness
    7. The Color of Law
    8. Just Mercy
    9. White Rage
    10. Between the World and Me


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Stand For Your Stand

In the musical Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton perfectly describes what we think leadership should be. He said to Aaron Burr, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” We agree. We believe leaders should have the following traits to succeed: courage, self-awareness, and influence. Whatever your job is — entrepreneur, marketing manager, life coach, real estate agent, financial advisor, or account executive — you need these traits to transform lives.


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