Stand-Out Speaker Training


Afrin and Iman Khan have been on a ‘speaking rampage' since 2012 when Hurricane Sandy almost took them out of business. To date, they've spoken on over 300 stages (online and offline) and have trained over 600 entrepreneurs in their proprietary system, which they themselves have used to earn millions of dollars from the stage and their clients have used to earn millions more.

Their system is fool-proof and was developed over the course of speaking and producing selling events for clients all around North America. Over the past six years, every client of theirs who has hosted a 3-day conference has netted 6-figures of profit or more (in most cases, way more) by using their proprietary system.

In this two day training, they give you and walk you through developing your own signature talk that can do the same for you




Over 500 people have successfully completed our Speaker Training program, a 2-day Intensive which is known as our signature offering. This training is for anyone who wants to use speaking to build their business and become masterful at it.


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