Flip the Script


While the present global situation we face is unprecedented, we are not new to life-changing crises. When hurricane Sandy wiped out our home and our entire business in 2012, we considered closing our doors and returning to our corporate jobs.

Instead, we reached deep and reinvented ourselves and our company. Pivoting from that crisis, we went from a $40K income and struggling, to 7 figures and thriving in just a few years. We learned that crisis can mean opportunity.

Times of crisis and rapid change demand that we work as hard on ourselves as we do on our businesses. We have to sharpen our mindset, go beyond established ideas, and push beyond our comfort zone. That's what this course is designed for.





You’ve started a business. You have produced results. You’re beginning to gain traction and stand out. And suddenly everything is changing. The world is changing. The market is changing. Change can be scary. Change also means opportunity, but you've got to know how to flip the script.


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