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Let us help you get your next ‘Big Idea' off the ground.


We're committed to helping you succeed and want to support you every step of the way.


Our Black Friday offers will give you the chance to save big on coaching, consulting and trainings. 

Here's how we can help you cross the Impact finish line...

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Standard Price: $497

Black Friday Offer: $247

Standard Price: $497

Black Friday Offer: $247

Standard Price: $497

Black Friday Offer: $247

Standard Price: $197

Black Friday Offer: $97

Standard Price: $997

Black Friday Offer: $397

Why you should work with us…

Your Business Strategies Aren't Keeping Up With the Market.

You're grinding and putting in long hours but keeping up in today's rapidly changing marketplace is challenging and uncertain. 


We'll provide frameworks and blueprints based on our study and research of the market to help you keep with the curve. 

Your Messaging Hasn't Found the Right Platforms Yet

Live Events, Video Marketing, Social Media, Podcasts – the world can be your stage, but what stage is best for your movement?


We have helped thousands of entrepreneurs find their platform, build a community and create massive impact.

You're Up To Something Big But Don't Know Your Next Steps

You're inspired but pulled in too many directions and don't know which direction is the best next move.


What if you had a clear vision and compelling course of action? How would that impact what you're up to?

When you work with us, you produce results.

We promise and guarantee it.

Our Herd's Amazing Feedback

Want them all? Go ALL-IN!

Everything we're offering has a ton of value. We've already taken at least 50% off of each of the offerings, but we're going to sweeten it even further. If you know you want everything offered above, we'll take another $238 off the price of all five offers. You pay $997. That includes: 

  • 90-minute consultation with Afrin
  • 90-minute consultation with Iman
  • Ticket to Beyond the Business
  • A Sponsorship to One of our Virtual Events
  • A Ticket to our 2-Day Sales Training

Standard Price: $2,685

Individually Priced Total: $1,235

Black Friday Offer: $997

Still Can't Decide? Need a human?

Email us at info@redelephantinc.com and one of our team members will gladly support you. 

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