Big Games: What you need do and stop doing to win

We're all up to playing big games.

Entrepreneurship. Career. Family. Making a difference.

Whatever games you're hard at work at, in addition to what you need to do to win, we sometimes lose focus of what we need to stop doing in order to win those games. Both are critical to winning at big games.

Here are some tips on things to do to win at big games:

  1. Develop the appropriate mindset for what you're up to: This is probably the most important tip as it will govern everything you do. You want to develop a growth mindset that is constantly learning and developing in tandem with the way your markets and the world moves. A fixed mindset can lead to already ‘knowing' the right answers for everything and an inability to play big as a result. Remember, you're running a marathon, not a sprint. Who you need to be during the first mile is not exactly who you need to be at mile 13 or 26.
  2. Remember WHY you are playing your game: It's easy to get caught up in the task execution of the big games you're playing and easy to lose sight of the big picture. Do whatever it takes to keep the big picture in front of you at all times.
  3. Don't be afraid to make big or impossible goals: Reaching 75% of $1M sales goal is still more than 100% of a $500K sales goal. Don't be afraid to demand more of yourself, even if you fail.
  4. Make fast friends with failure: Those who fail and learn from their failures are the only ones who have gone through the process of figuring out what's required to succeed. If you never fail, you'll never know.
  5. Stay the course: Most people who lose do so because they quit. It takes patience and courage not to quit because there are probably way more opportunities to quit than there are to win, but those who don't quit are the only ones who can win.

Here are some tips on behaviors to stop right away:

  1. Limit/get off of social media: This one is obvious. The more time we spend on social media, the more addicted we get. The temporary dopamine hits we get from a comment or a like or even the ever-elusive share could have us waste hours on something not forwarding our game.
  2. Stop trying to be liked by everyone: You won't be able to please everyone. Relate to yourself and your business like a niche and those who are meant to belong to that niche will and others won't and aren't meant to.
  3. Stop taking advice from people you shouldn't take advice from: There are people whose opinions you value and those you take advice from. We're not saying to disregard them. What we are saying is that taking advice from people who aren't experts on a particular subject or getting your friends and family members opinions on things they don't really understand is counter-productive to winning.
  4.  Stop trying to control things: The more you try to control the things not in your control, the less things can organically grow and take new shape. Stay on top of what you're great at and let others handle the rest.
  5. Remove or distance toxicity from your life: Be willing to break up with friends who add negativity to your life. Distancing family members is ok if they negatively impact your mental health. A healthy you results in a productive you and toxic people are adept at drawing you in to their toxicity (they're often not bad people – this is just how they learned to navigate the world). Don't get drawn in.

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