Businesses are Still Pivoting…

And we will continue to pivot for some time. Maybe always.

Let me explain…

Businesses need to be adaptable to the times. As we continue to emerge from the pandemic and economic downturn of the past few years, we need to remember it hasn't ended and even if it ends soon, the impacts will be further lasting, even when business picks up. The worlds is changed and people aren't buying in the same ways they once purchased.

There are coaches and gurus out there who will tell you that we don't need to pivot and we never did and we should conduct business as we always have. In my opinion, they are selling in antiquated ways which are effective but not meeting people where they are. There are sales techniques that work and probably will continue to work for some time. But they require revealing and then taking advantage of the buyers' emotions rather than presenting authentic opportunities and offering a choice.

One method is antiquated and will phase out. The other is from the consumer's world and in service of their wants and needs. Navigating away from one method of selling towards a different one that has more integrity is the biggest pivot we're currently, because all of us are acculturated in the former model.

Here are 7 strategies for small business owners to continue to pivot towards what's coming in the future.

  1. Stay Aligned. If it doesn't feel right to you or isn't something you'd want to be subjected to – don't do it to anyone else. Keeping your business practices in alignment will automatically make you more attractive to your market.
  2. Don't Go It Alone. Recognize that we're in a new age of humanity. Gone are the days of going it alone and standing alone on a pedestal to receive the glory of your efforts. The practice of the day is collaboration. Those who collaborate and can forge meaningful partnerships will forge ahead the most effectively.
  3. Question Everything. There are certain practices in your business that work really well and some that can be tweaked. There are also things that don't work at all. Question all of it. May what's worked really well in the past is inappropriate in our current cultural contexts and what's never worked is finally ready to be embraced. Again, question and re-examine everything.
  4. Ask Your Audience. Don't be afraid to show that you don't have it all figured out. Authenticity is as big of a currency as visibility in any marketplace. Survey your people. Ask them what they want and how they want it. There's nothing worse than a business you love not delivering for its patrons because they're tone deaf. Don't be that business.
  5. Be More Sensitive. People are in heightened states, emotionally. There's a lot happening in the world which has people dealing with (or not) mental wellness issues which has them being different and needing different approaches from us. Be sensitive to it. Try to drop out of the masculine energy and into the feminine, if you can. Either way, increase your level of sensitivity.
  6. Create Short-term Wins. While we still need long-term goals and visions to guide our business strategies, breaking those down into short-term milestones that we are capable of accomplishing is critical to our mindset for staying in business. Create short term goals that you can focus on and win to keep your head effectively in the game.
  7. Stay Ready to Pivot. With each change happening in the world, in national and local politics, in our communities and families, we need to stay ready to pivot. The worlds is changing at the fastest rate it ever has in our history and keeping pace with it is going to require staying ready to pivot.

We'll be covering the importance of pivoting at our upcoming 3-day event, Dare to Impact (see sidebar) as well as the importance of Visibility and Leadership and how it all leads to the Impact we can make as entrepreneurs on our respective markets. Feel free to check out the event and claim a complimentary virtual pass – we'd love to see you there.

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