Motivation. Direction. Resources… And a Quiz




These are the top 3 needs that entrepreneurs are saying they need right now.

And it makes sense.

It's difficult to stay motivated with everything that has been coming at us in 2020 and continues to.

It's difficult to stay on any path when everything changes all the time and the social and cultural issues we're facing take precedent. We believe they should take precedent but it still makes it difficult to know what direction to head in.

It's difficult to find resources that can support us during these times. Free resources often don't go far enough to truly help or they are dated to strategies that worked pre-pandemic and too many entrepreneurs either can't or are very scared about investing right now.

At Red Elephant, we are continuously at work to provide our community with tools and resources that will help you stay motivated and gain clarity in your next steps. We always have been, but now more than ever.

In our recent Leadership Team meeting, our leaders requested that we give a summary of our recent event, Dare To Impact because it covered so many amazing tips. When our leaders speak, we listen. Here is our summary…

Motivation: Your people need you now more than ever.

  • How do you increase your influence and impact and make yourself easier to find so that you can find the people who need your help and they can also find you? The first step is in knowing who you are or updating how you talk about who you are so it is received the correct way by your audience. Take our quiz. This will help you articulate who you are to your audience (Come share your new titles – Rebelephant, Blazerphant, Herophant and Masterphant, to name a few) on our FB page so your people can start finding you in there!

“This is awesome and accurate!!  What a cool quiz!!!” – Jeremy Schulz, Dare To Impact Attendee and Red Elephant University Member 

Direction: What's the best next step(s) to take for your business?

  • Those people who attended our recent 3-day conference know about this resource – so many of them have already written in to us about the power of the practice we're about to share: go have 100 conversations with people about what you are committed to, what breaks your heart, why you care and how you want to help people. Pick up the phone, connect with your contacts and meet them where they are. This can never lead you wrong.

“I am up to having 100 conversations to Impact! When Afrin & Iman talk, I listen.”  – Carol Francum, Dare to Impact Attendee and Red Elephant University Student

Resources: What other resources do you need?

  • Social proof is a great resource always but especially right now. As the economy doesn't seem to be improving and more and more people find themselves out of work or with limited income, people will be more exact and cautious about how and where they invest. Social proof will go a long way in creating confidence for people who are considering buying from you. Start collecting social proof from current and former colleagues and clients right away.

Testimonials like this one provide us with our social proof as we live out our vision: 

Afrin & Iman!  Thank you so much for creating such an amazing event!!  I've been to several of your events, and I had my doubts about this one… because of the online situation, not you!  You delivered SO MUCH value, made it so much fun and gathered SO MANY fabulous humans (as usual!!).  I'm so glad & grateful I got to attend and share the magic with you and all the herd members.  You and your events ROCK!!!”  – Lorena Morales

Feel free to leave a comment or contact us at if you need anything!

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