Mid-year Review: The Importance of Assessment

It's hard to believe but we've already completed two quarters of 2021.

Mid-year reviews are a great opportunity to take stock of what's been accomplished and make some smart and bold moves for the remainder of the calendar year (especially considering that many of your competitors are busy enjoying the summer, or taking it easy).

Here are some benefits:

  1. Review the first 6 months of the year. Reviewing what you've accomplished so far against what your goals are gives you ample time to make necessary changes to the business in order to accomplish your goals.
  2. Get a leg up in your market: While many of your competitors are at the beach or on summer vacation, get a leg up by getting organized, clearing out your inbox and increasing sales activity. The perfect time to sell is while others are not selling.
  3. Take advantage of current opportunities: Summer always brings about opportunities for marketing and sales that aren't available throughout the remainder of the year. In general, outside of Christmas, people spend more money during the summer than any other time of year.
  4. Re-establish yourself as a leader: Because of the relaxed nature of summer and because other companies are taking it easy, this is a perfect time to hone your leadership skills and redefine your stand with your team and your clients.
  5. Rejuvenate. Take some time off and allow yourself to heal or repair. Stay off of electronic devices and social media. Go out in nature. Allow your mind, body and spirit time to decompress so you can be recharged for the rest of the summer and year.

Here's our Mid-Year Review

  • We kicked off the year with our signature networking series, Screw Networking As Usual hosting over 100 attendees in the first quarter
  • Our team produced several virtual events and helped our clients secure their revenue goals
  • We hosted Standout & Thrive (our annual 3-day conference) virtually and 35 new people joined our Speaker Mastermind
  • We hosted our first ever, EventFEST an event about the magic and power of live events.
  • We moved! And even though we moved down the street, it was quite an endeavor to pack the house and the elephant and relocate – we are now finally settling in…

All this while also caregiving for our fathers who endured severe illnesses recently which took us offline for several weeks. We share that not to evoke concern but to share that this is what it looks like to be running a business and managing the challenges of life.

This is us, checking in on you:

How are you?

What do you need?

How can we help?

Comment below or join the Herd FB Group and feel the power of our amazing community.

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  1. Yea…the fact we are in Quarter 3 is pretty mind-boggling.

    As I have been assessing my year this far as it relates to my business around movement, mindset, and play, I see how critical number 5, rejuvenate, is. I just happened to finish my first run-through of a book about the art and science of flow which is a 4-part process. And what is the 4th step in this process? Recovery. To me, recovery and rejuvenation are in the same conversation and are absolutely pivotal to having us as business owners, movement leaders, and community members, WIN THE GAME OF LIFE.

    Great value add here 🙂

  2. I too find it amazing that we are already in the 3rd quarter.

    I have done various versions of the review that you outlined and have chosen to take a little time to Rejuvenate.
    It’s been a challenging year so far with illnesses from my parents and other family members, so allowing myself to heal or repair a little now is a welcome break.

    I am reducing my time on electronic devices and social media and really getting out in nature and reconnecting with the planet.

    I agree that this is allowing my mind, body, and spirit time to decompress and preparing me to be recharged for the rest of the year.

    Thank you for the review and reminder!

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