Red Elephant University: Make A Living While Making A Difference

Many of us live with big dreams. We want our lives to impact others, and we want to make a difference in the world. Yet, we also understand that not everyone can fulfill that dream. It is a struggle to be able to express your voice and grow your passion into something else.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a person wanting to breach the realms of influence, Red Elephant Herd is here to help. Our online university is a space for growth. It is also a gateway to connect with like-minded individuals.

Who Are the Red Elephant Herd?
Founded by Afrin and Iman Khan in 2011, the Red Elephant Herd aims to help individuals stand out. We do so by giving you the skills and the platform needed to launch your path towards success. We use our Signature Impact Method to transform you into a speaking, converting, and building powerhouse.

The brothers have helped produce breakthroughs for many companies. These have helped many become successful six and seven-figure businesses. They use tried and tested methods in hopes of elevating both your professional and personal lives. Here are some of the individuals Red Elephant Herd has helped:

  • Allyson Byrd
  • Deepak Chopra
  • Re Perez
  • Mark Porteous
  • Steve Olsher

The Red Elephant University: Information at Your Fingertips
Our university is a way for you to help connect your voice and vision. It is a way to help you find the steps you need to start working on your dream. Inside, you'll find the contributions of many of our successful associates. You'll also find many of our proprietary systems. These include:

  • Online courses
  • Masterminds
  • Pep Talks
  • Checklists

The best part is that you can experience learning and growth with a community. It’s hard to do things on your own, and having someone going through the same process with you will build accountability. It will also motivate you so you can share your knowledge and experience. Further, the group acts as a way for you to connect with many of our successful coaches.
You can access a coach who checks your progress and with whom you can always consult when you need a step in the right direction. We hold many events within the Herd and the University. You can experience any of the following and more:

  • Co-working sessions
  • Monthly hackathons
  • Virtual intensives
  • Diversity and Engagement

As a part of The Red Elephant University, you will meet people from all walks of life. It is a way for you to learn from other experiences and develop different perspectives. It frees you from restrictions and narrow points of thinking. It also gives you an insight into the motivation and needs of others. Engaging with everyone will help you understand your future clients.

It can be difficult being in a new community and taking a step into something new, which is why we created this space. It is a place where you can expand your horizons, a place where you can become comfortable being who you are.

A Journey to Transformation
The business world can be a tough place without any companions. Rivals are always competing with one another, and some even pull others down in the process. People will undermine you, and others will try to derail you.

With a community, you have the support you need as you get equipped to transform that passion into something sustainable. Through our university, we can help build a community that thrives on support. We do all this while remaining authentic to our values and who we are.

You may not be the person you are envisioning right now, but our university is a way to help guide you to becoming a leader other people can follow. Not only will you be doing what you love, but you will also make a living while doing so. You will gain an influence to help bring you business and even find business partners along the way.

Success and Financial Freedom Is Closer Than You Think
Money is a lousy master. It can make you do things you regret and make you sacrifice time and relationships when you don’t want to. You're constantly working, hoping that one day you get to pursue the life you desire. It can feel hopeless when you don’t have people that can help you.

It’s time for things to change. Money is also a wonderful servant, but you have to learn to make it work for you. With Red Elephant University, you can realize your potential and hone your gifts. It is time to jumpstart your life and business.

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Stand For Your Stand

In the musical Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton perfectly describes what we think leadership should be. He said to Aaron Burr, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” We agree. We believe leaders should have the following traits to succeed: courage, self-awareness, and influence. Whatever your job is — entrepreneur, marketing manager, life coach, real estate agent, financial advisor, or account executive — you need these traits to transform lives.


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