Maintaining Your Sanity

Tonight’s the night – Election 2020.

Social and political tensions are high.

Anticipation and anxiety are through the roof.

Voters are showing up in record numbers, and we are in awe of how people are making their voices heard in a new and unprecedented way.

How do you stay sane and not let the stress of what’s happening socially and culturally derail you and knock you off course?

Here are some tips:

  1. Vote: voting can be very empowering. To know you did all you could and got your voice heard and counted can set you up to deal with whatever result comes in a powerful way.
  2. Breathe. Meditate. Pray: engage in a practice that slows you down and gets you connected to your spirituality or higher Self.
  3. Turn your devices and news feeds off. Instead find a time to engage with some people you trust who can talk and listen to you as you engage.
  4. Let go of trying to control or know something you can’t control or know. Tomorrow is uncertain and you’ve done all you can do about it (unless you haven’t voted in which case there’s still time).Today – give yourself some room.

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