Keeping Your Fans Engaged

Fans are the lifeline of your business. This week we want to talk about how to keep those fans engaged.

We see it all the time. You got to an event. You wow people and really connect with them. They are excited to get to know you better, to follow what you are up to but that love and excitement they feel fizzles because you don’t have a way to keep them engaged.

So how do you keep them engaged? With marketing. But not just random marketing of the ideas you find interesting, marketing that directly speaks to your tribe. 

There are a million generic marketing strategies out there, and you can make money using some of them. But the truth is every community is different and no one, no matter what community of people it is, wants to be spoken to generically. We crave authenticity and real connection.  Your marketing has to do that and do it in a way that speaks your tribe’s language.

When you take the time to learn what your community responds to you will be speaking to the heart of what matters to them. When you give them a way to emotionally get engaged they’ll stick around.

Does your community prefer email more than FaceBook Lives? Would they rather you stick to business tips over personal shares? Where do they want to find you, Instagram or Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn? If you go where they are and speak to them the way they speak about things that they want you will begin to turn your fans into raving fans.

Take the time to discover these things and then incorporate them into your marketing strategies consistently across all channels. We know you’ll get to a whole new level of engagement and that’s good for business!

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