To join us, as one of our trusted partners, for our next Giveaway: 

grow your leads by sharing your genius!

Be positioned as an expert to our audience as well as our partners'. That's thousands of people to impact...

Share your genius to our collective audiences and making a meaningful difference now, when people most need it...

Build your list and add purpose-driven, forward-thinking and committed entreprenurs to your communities...

Be part of our community. The Red Elephant Herd is known for being a Diverse community of entrepreneurs who make the world a better place.

Here’s how it works:


Our giveaway is based on making an impact for as many people as we can reach – in their business and their life. The Giveaway will open on November 1 and run through November 11. 


Between all of our participating partners, we will be reaching and getting our resources in front of hundreds of thousands of people. 


Once the Giveaway officially begins, they will land on the ‘Gifts' page where they will interact with a 30 second video clip of you introducing yourself and why they should download your free gift.


The featured topic of the day will be featured at the top of the page. 

Every contributor will be featured on the ‘Gifts' page for the duration of the Giveaway. 


What we need from you to participate:


Your Free Gift: A free resource that will impact anyone who gets it. The resource should be specific to what YOU DO and appropriate for your niched expertise. We need an image of your resource (250×250), your 30-second video (branded background to be provided) your headshot, a description of the freebie and a URL where the freebie can. be downloaded. 


Promotion: Your promotion of the giveaway (we’ll make that easy for you) across your different marketing channels. The promotional period will run from October 24 – November 4.


Fee: Every contributor will be required to pay a fee of $247.


Visibility: Each expert will participate in a panel, round table or Master Class on the day their topic is being featured (see below).


What we'll provide:


Loads of people added to your marketing list. 


Promotion of you and your resource to our marketing list and everyone who opts in from all of our partners’ lists. 


All promotional copy, graphics and a trackable unique link (you will be featured side-by-side with us on your unique opt-in page). 


What the Giveaway will look like:


Everyone’s free resources will be housed on our host site and will be available to download at anytime.


No paid offers until 1 week after the giveaway ends (you can open your carts on 11/18).


Each day we will feature a different topic and the experts of  that area will be featured on the top of the ‘Gifts' page (2-3 per day) as well as during that day's pre-recorded panel, round table or Masterclass. 

September 22: Deadline to be included in the Giveaway


October 1: All contracts and agreements due


October 7: All links, opt-in pages, video clips, photos, copy, etc. due to our team


October 24: Beginning of promotional period (we will provide everything – we’re asking you to do 2 Solo Emails, 1 Mention and 5 Social Media Posts)


November 4: End of promotional period


*All recordings will take place between October 10 and October 21 (tbd based upon your schedules)

The Giveaway will run from November 1 through November 11. 


Each day we'll be featuring 3-4 experts in a variety of pre-recorded speaking opportunities as well as on the ‘Gifts' page to promote your free resources. 

Here are the topics we'll be covering with the number of open slots in each category:

Marketing – 0

Business Dev – 0

Messaging – 1

Branding – 1

Events & Retreats – 1

Mindset – 0

Money – 0

Community – 0

Impact – 0

Visibility – 0

Health & Wellness – 0

Leadership – 1

Spirituality – 0

For over 30 combined years, Afrin and Iman Khan have guided individuals, groups and corporations around the world to produce breakthrough results in the areas of speaking, leadership, and sales.


They are celebrated for cultivating an extraordinary, collaborative community of change agents and for pioneering cutting edge training methods and techniques. Over 300 clients have participated in their programs and offerings including Re Perez of Branding For The People, Jan Edwards of Paving the Way, Mark Porteous, Allyson Byrd, Steve Olsher, Kim Butler, Monica Shah, Shameca Tankerson, Pia Silva and Danielle Posa & Deepak Chopra and so many others.


This is not your run-of-the-mill ‘Giveaway.’ 


Yes, we want to list-build. 


Yes we want you to list-build.


We all want clients, yes to that also. 


But this Giveaway has been designed to impact our collective future clients exactly where they are in their journeys…


To reach as many of them as possible with our gifts and have those gifts make a profound difference in their businesses and their lives. 



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