From Fans to Raving Fans

Last week we introduced the concept of creating fans, why you need them, why you want them and the role they play in your business. To read more about that check out our blog here.

Ultimately the reason you want to create fans is so that you can create a community, or in our vernacular, a ‘Herd.’

‘Herds’ allow you to create a sustainable business that brings in consistent, predictable income, But Once you have a community in place, then you have the potential to make the kind of impact that you really want to make in the world. Communities propel movements.

But here’s something you should know.

There is a natural evolution to creating your own “Herd” and the next step is turning your fans into RAVING FANS.

How to turn fans into ‘raving fans:’

  •  Go the extra mile – Most of us expect good service. So good quality service is not enough to get you noticed anymore. You need to go further.
  • Do the things you didn’t have to do, things that get attention and have people fall in love with you. Things like checking in on someone outside of a scheduled call, sending a welcome gift or a handwritten note, creating extra support for people who may be falling behind in your programs. Think experiences that enrich the heart and soul as well as the brain..
  • Be kind. There’s a time to be direct and give ‘tough love,’ and there’s also a time to just show people kindness.
  • Be interested in people – not to the extent that it may benefit you, but interested in them just because you’re interested.

The final and most important aspect of creating raving fans is to meet people where they are. See, when you meet people where they are (we don’t mean physically), versus having them come to you, they get that you’re on their side.

This will earn their trust and loyalty. Once you have that, you’re set up to succeed.

If you want support in creating fans, building trust, or taking your business to another level fill out the form below to let us know. We’ll get in touch and schedule a call.

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