Don’t Stay Stuck – Be Daring, Take Risks

“I am stuck…

I don’t have enough clients…

I am not making enough money…

I don’t know where to speak…

I don’t think networking events work…

I am overwhelmed…”

Ever experience any of these thoughts?

At Red Elephant, we try not to adopt these conversations into our work environment but, let’s just be real – it happens to all of us and we deal with these conversations as well. Almost eleven years into our business, we've got some facility with catching ourselves quickly and dismantling the conversations before they get the best of us, but they always come up, because we're all human…

If you experienced yourself in any of these monologues – you are not alone. One of the ways in which we handle these conversations is by re-contextualizing them. Whenever we find ourselves saying any version of these thoughts, we choose to interpret it another way – like the universe is sending us messages to be daring and take risks.

Of course, the work goes much deeper than this, and if you’re ready to flip the script on these conversations – here are some things you should do/not do right away.

  • Don’t lend your power to anyone or any word. For example, instead of saying “I”m Stuck”, flip it to “I’m re-committing to _________.” You will see the power of language open up new doors.

  • Ask for help. Too often coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs, healers and leaders go it alone. We are afraid it will show weakness if we ask for what we really need. How many times have you thought of asking people to work with you at a networking event or in a mastermind but what you say instead is, “I am working on my website, program, packages.” We default to saying something that is comfortable. Instead – if you need it, ask for it. Asking is one of the fundamentals of being in business. Start with asking for help.

  • Get Uncomfortable! To create new results you need to take actions you haven’t taken before. Need some ideas?

    • Make 5 asks a day for 21 days. Practicing the art of asking will help you grow as an entrepreneur.

    • Go live on social media. Share vulnerably when you do.

    • Send out a referral letter. Ask your community to send you business.

    • Get feedback. Ask people what you can improve upon to make you better.

  • What is a personal goal you want to achieve right away? Most entrepreneurs have businesses that run their lives and don't thrive in other areas of their lives as a result. You get to declare right now, how do you want to thrive in your life? You can’t just be a busy entrepreneur – that is not inspirational. Create your “Thrive Goals” and start living a life that is meant to be lived!

Find these tips helpful?

As we stated, these are surface level tips and strategies.

Each year our company hosts a 3-day event to create an environment where our community converges for a transformation and experiential event that's not your cookie-cutter coaching industry event where everything is about being able to make a sale.

We invite you to hit pause with us for 3 days and join us for a transformational event you won’t regret – we guarantee it. It's called Dare to Impact and that's exactly what it's about – getting each and every person who attends so clear on who they are, their purpose and how to realize that purpose in the world while making money and making the biggest difference possible for their communities.

Check out the event here and feel free to reach out to us at if you have more questions – a member of our team will be happy to take care of you.

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