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Join us for EVENTFest!

EVENTFest is taking place May 21-23. Join us for an incredible training, led by ‘100K Events Queen,' Afrin Khan.

For more information or to register, click here.


For over 20 years, Afrin and Iman have guided individuals, groups and corporations around the world to produce breakthrough results in the areas of speaking, leadership, and events. They are celebrated for cultivating extraordinary, collaborative communities and for pioneering cutting edge training methods that help entrepreneurs build six and seven figure businesses. Over 300 clients have participated in their programs and offerings including Re Perez of Branding For The People, Jan Edwards of Paving the Way, Mark Porteous of Soul Affiliate Alliance, Shameca Tankerson, Steve Olsher, Monica Shah, Allyson Byrd, Danielle Posa & Deepak Chopra of The Chopra Center and so many others.

Red Elephant's Certified Leaders (Leaders of the Pack)

RedE has developed a world-class leadership training program to help others unlock their potential using Red Elephant's signature systems. Upon completion of intense 12+ Month hands-on training, leaders are certified to lead and earn income teaching Red Elephant’s frameworks, courses and trainings. Meet our Certified Leaders.


Synergy Squared

Synergy Squared is a Custom CRM and Business Process Solutions Consulting Group.  A proud Zoho One Partner, we are composed of seasoned experts with the knowledge, experience, and creativity to help C-Suite and other entrepreneurs create high impact sales, marketing and customer relationship programs. We carefully listen to our client’s requirements then create a custom program that efficiently achieves their business objectives.  Key services include blue-sky CRM Consulting, Business Process Strategy and Planning, CRM Program Set-Up, Training and Support, Data Migration and Automation. We are perfectionists who take our work very seriously.  Ourselves, not so much.  That means with Synergy Squared you get only top-quality counsel and flawless work delivered in an experience that is high-touch, and, whenever possible, fun.

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Karen Strauss

Hybrid Global Publishing was founded by Karen Strauss to provide options for talented writers to publish equally on a level playing field with traditional publishers. Karen and her team have a combined 60 years of experience in publishing and have published more than 500 authors since 2012 when the publishing division was founded.

What makes Hybrid Global different is that this new hybrid model encompasses private label publishing for brands and organizations that want to expand their platforms by including a publishing option for their members, constituents, and clients. Hybrid Global Publishing focuses on the author. We make publishing timely and easy, and we can go from manuscript to on-sale date in eight to ten weeks. 

Download Karen's Free Gift Here

Kate Phillips

Kate Phillips started Total Wealth to help people FREE themselves from financial stress. There is no shortage of advice and information about money, but much of it aims to sell you products rather than help you prosper. Kate addresses the REAL reasons people struggle with money and provides actionable, transformative solutions!

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Tracy Rickard

Connect with Tracy, our amazing event emcee, by clicking here for her free gift. 

Wolf Castillo

So many of you requested to connect with the Amazing Wolf! Here's how to connect with him.


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