A collaborative 3-day experience to accelerate your Visibility, Leadership and Impact

March 31, April 1 & 2, 2022 

Live & Virtual

Visibility and Leadership are more important than ever before…

Red Elephant is calling forth change agents, business leaders, and forward-thinking entrepreneurs to collaborate and disrupt the status quo! The past two years have been bleak for many of us, but the past does not determine the future. It’s time to create something new. It’s time to awaken your entrepreneurial spirit!

If you feel invisible, drained, stuck in a rut, or simply lacking energy or inspiration… we’re here to help!

Our signature event, Dare To Impact, is a chance to experiment, explore and transform your relationship to visibility,  and leadership. Secure your competitive edge in your marketplace while you revive your spirit, refresh your goals and try out new ideas in a diverse community of change-making entrepreneurs so that you can fulfill on your impact.

Dare to Impact is for YOU if…

Live events, Video, Social Media, Podcasts – the world can be your stage but what stage is the best for your message? We have helped thousands of entrepreneurs find their platform to build an audience and create massive impact.

You’re not in it just for the money. You’re in it to make a difference. But you also want to support a lifestyle that works for you. Our “Elements of Impact” framework empowers leaders like you to start with an idea, message it and monetize it.

You know your purpose. You’re grinding and putting in long hours. But finding and keeping clients is a challenge. At Dare to Impact, we’ll train you in a proven step-by-step system to grow your business.



Create messaging and content that transforms you into an audience magnet. 


Develop the mindset and the confidence of the leader you know is within you. 


Leap from idea to implementation, and start making an impact now, not ‘someday.'

From the Herd...

Afrin and Iman aren’t really coaches, event producers or people who help with sales. Their ‘one thing’ is that they know how to help fallen giants rise again. That’s what they did with me and I not only love them, but I trust them completely.
Allyson Byrd
Very few people have both the knowledge and insight into people that Iman has. When you add to that his direct, no BS, yet loving and kind approach to working with people, the results are always transformational and leave you changed permanently, in a great way
Dr. Steven Giron
I adore both Afrin and Iman. They are so committed and will stand for anyone to step into their greatness and do what it takes for their clients to succeed and their events are transformational.
Isisara Bey


Are you ready?

Event Information:


March 31, April 1 & 2, 2022


Thursday, March 31: 10am – 9pm
Friday, April 1: 10am – 8pm
Saturday, April 2: 10am – 6pm

(All Times are EST!)


Virtual & Live in Orlando, FL


Receive a copy of Afrin & Iman’s book, “Most People Would Rather Be Comfortable Than Rich”


Speak to Be Seen Blueprint – our signature system for getting speaking gigs. 


Bring a Friend for Free



Cross the Chasms – Ever wonder how an idea goes viral? As leaders, we need to understand how products, service and ideas get diffused into the marketplace. During this session we will identify different visibility chasms and how to cross them.

Be seen – You can’t be invisible and make an impact. Learn how to get your ideas and offerings into the marketplace and become an audience magnet. Our community is part playground, part test track, part incubator. We will work collectively to create an actionable visibility plan that you can get to work on immediately.

Go your own way – No two people are alike. No two businesses are identical either. Don't get boxed into a one-size-fits-all business approach that confines you. In this session, we provide a guide to build your impact so you can create it in your own unique way.

Community Evening Event – we believe in working hard and PLAYING hard too! Join us for an energizing evening with our tribe (In-Person Only)

Hackathon – Opportunity to idea and impact hack your business, life and mindset. (Invitation Only)



Mindset Mastery – Making a difference and making income requires commitment, consistency and resilience. This collaborative conversation of what it takes to be an influential leader in today's climate will empower leaders to raise the bar.

“True up” your Stand – your life is meant for something bigger than you. As a leader in pursuit of fulfilling your purpose, is anyone paying attention and following you? This wake- up call style session will help you define and declare your true stand and convert a complacent audience into fans.

Create content that converts –  Brainstorm topics, themes and frameworks that add value to your audience. Leadership goes beyond inspiring others, it's about creating opportunities for people to take meaningful action. During this session we will breakout into groups and mastermind content that you can monetize.

Leadership to Impact– To stand out requires getting uncomfortable. The Red Elephant community is a safe place practice being bold. During this exploration, we invite you to swing out, to the other side of your comfort zone – and discover innovative solutions to everyday business challenges.

Hackathon – Opportunity to idea and impact hack your business, life and mindset. (Invitation Only)


A Roadmap to Living & Fulfilling Your IMPACT

Build Your Own Tribe – We have a saying, don't just follow the herd, create your own. Learn step by step how to build a thriving tribe, one fan at a time. Fans are the secret to growing your Herd. We will provide you with a guide to build your own.

Bring it all together and forge ahead –  You’ll leave Dare to Impact with a clear vision and a compelling course of action to make your dent in the world. Using our planning templates, you will be clear on where to start and what is your next step.

Declare Your Impact!  Share your impact in a room of diverse forward-thinking individuals. Opportunity to network, affiliate and support will naturally open up leaving you with more than actionable content but with a community inspires you to take action.

Afterglow – A celebration of leaders, trailblazers and risk takers who want to make a difference in the world.



$ 97
  • Access to all 3 Days
  • Bring a Friend for Free
  • PDF Workbook of Content
  • Copy of Afrin & Iman's Book
  • Speak to Be Seen Blueprint: our system for getting speaking gigs.
On Zoom


$ 147
  • Everything Included in General Admission
  • &
  • All Live Event Replays
  • Nightly Hackathons with Iman
  • General Admission to EVENTFest
  • Follow-up 1-1 'Ask Me Anything' Call with Iman or Afrin
  • Our Signature Course: Elements of Impact


$ 297
  • Everything Included in Upgraded Admission
  • &
  • LIVE Access all 3 days
  • Pre-Event Mastermind
  • Social Events with the Herd
  • Nightly Topical Incubators with Iman, Afrin & The Team
  • Pre-Event Backstage Training with Afrin
  • Our Signature Course: Standing for Your Stand
  • Our Signature Course: Everything But The Stage

Meet Your Hosts, Afrin and Iman Khan

For over 30 combined years, Afrin and Iman Khan have guided individuals, groups and corporations around the world to produce breakthrough results in the areas of speaking, leadership, and sales.

They are celebrated for cultivating an extraordinary, collaborative community of change agents and for pioneering cutting edge training methods and techniques. Over 300 clients have participated in their programs and offerings including Re Perez of Branding For The People, Jan Edwards of Paving the Way, Mark Porteous of Soul Affiliate Alliance, Shameca Tankerson and Danielle Posa & Deepak Chopra of The Chopra Center.

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MILLION Influenced

some of this year’s attendees…

Valorie Hubbard

Cornell Green

Marielin Heth

Karen Strauss

Wolf Castillo

Juliet Murphy


Kevin Ryan-Young

Jan Edwards

Ash Shukla

Regina Rossi-Lamothe

Who break the rules, disrupt the norm, and change the world.

More from the Herd...

I started with Red Elephant 5 years ago with only an idea of what kind of business I wanted to have. Now I not only ‘Stand Out,’ but I have a global brand recognized and awarded by other countries and governments.
Jan Edwards
Iman and Afrin are amazing. Their programs are awesome, their content is first-rate and the community they’ve built is one of the best I’ve ever belonged to. They provide so much value and on top of all of that, they care so much.
Erik Rojas
What I love about Iman and Afrin is they get it. They really get it. They understand what it is to be a person of color, impacting others and they’re really smart. Their people are my people and I've loved working with them.
Shameca Tankerson


You’ll be heard. You’ll be seen. You’ll be known.

Red Elephant hacks the entire event experience from the moment you walk in. So leave your rehearsed elevator pitch behind and don’t fret about your unfinished website. All we ask show up, ask tons of questions and contribute to the conversation,  what does it mean to “dare to impact”. 

Come experience our remarkable community….

We don’t use the word “community” lightly. This isn’t just a meetup or networking group. It is a community of expert mentorship and extraordinary collaboration.

After hosting over 100 events in our eight years in business, we hear an accolade again and again: “Red Elephant changes lives.” And why is that? It’s the same reason successful entrepreneurs and influencers keep coming back: the Red Elephant community.

Once you’ve encountered it, you’ll never forget it.



It will be worth your time – we guarantee it!

This event understands your challenges and sees your potential as an influencer, leader, and trailblazer. You can become ALL of that by starting your journey in this event with a community of like-minded people. And if you’re not satisfied with your experience, we back each ticket with our money-back Red Elephant guarantee. 

If you attend the entire first day and are not satisfied, come to us by 9:00PM that evening and get your money back. But you have to fully participate. Take notes. Network. Get to the mic. At the end of the day, if itwas not worth your investment, we will refund you. So you risk nothing. (There are no refunds for non-participation.)

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