YOU DIDN'T GET HERE BY ACCIDENT. Your timing is perfect.

Get access to over $3K in HIGHLY SUPPORTIVE BONUSES when you join the Impact ‘Herd' Mastermind. Offer available for a limited time.



We know that it's your time. You know it's your time

The world can't keep waiting for your leadership to emerge

The work we'll do together is designed to have you rise into being who you're meant to be

We will help you get there, every step of the way

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Here's How It Works:

First, You Select a Track

Then, together We'll build a plan – here's how:

Masterminds Every 90 Days (Hybrid)

Every 90 days we will meet as a group to create and update your plan. The Masterminds will by hybrid and we promise they will get you ready for the next 90-day cycle of results.

In Community

There's so much more we can do in community – so many more resources available. All members of the community will participate together as a body of people driving a body of people versus individuals going it alone. 


Mentorship will be customized during this process and everyone will have some form of it. Whether it takes place at the group, semi-private or private level, everyone will be mentored so they can move forward. 

Finally, everyone produces a result. That's right - Everyone. A Result.

We promise and guarantee it.


Here's the thing, results matter. 

Spending money on coaching and programs where you don't or can't produce those results can't be the way it goes. 


The world needs YOU more than ever before and we have to produce results. 


So, if you select the Book Track, we promise you'll be published.

If you select the Event's Track, you will host your first live event. 

If you select the Podcast Track, you'll get booked on podcasts – maybe produce your own. 



Whatever track you select, you will produce. 

The Investment

$1,000 Deposit

Then $700 a month for 9 months


  • Your own personal Manifesto – for the first 15 people who register
  • Lifetime access to all courses in Red Elephant U.
  • A ‘Break all the rules' Marketing and Creativity Incubator with Afrin
  • *Special Alumni Offer (See Iman)


Our Herd's Amazing Feedback

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