Mastering Time

What's the number one thing we all want more of? Some people would answer money, but it's actually more time. Most people value time over anything else. As an entrepreneur, you know all too well how precious this commodity is. This training will help you get more of it back for the things you want to do - whether that be so you can put more of it into your business or if that gives you the opportunity to focus on other things - either way, you'll stretch it and increase the quality of your actions as a result.
Iman Khan · October 19, 2020

About Instructor

Iman Khan

After leading mindset and transformational programs for almost 10 years, along with his business partner (and wife, Afrin), Iman helped launch their company, Red Elephant, in 2011. Iman has been on a mission to impact the world in a positive way since childhood and has always been participating in making a difference for people in some form or another. To date, he’s led transformational programs to over 20,000 people in a mission to empower people to empower others to make real change in the world.

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