Thanks for being a Contributor to this Giveaway. The RE team are so excited to partner with you and here to serve you in any way we can. 

A reminder about how this will work:

The Giveaway will open on November 1 and run through November 11. 

Once the Giveaway officially begins, participants will land on the ‘Gifts' page where they will interact with a 30 second video clip of you introducing yourself and why they should download your free gift.

The featured topic of the day will be at the top of the gifts page and rotate every day.

What we need from you by 10/15/22:

  • A link to your Free Gift: A free resource that participants can download for free.
  • An image of your resource (250×250)
  • Your 30-60 second commercial (branded background to be provided)
  • Your headshot
  • Your bio
  • A description of the freebie (50 wds max).

Remember – Each expert will participate in a panel, round table or Master Class which will air on the day their topic is being featured (we will be contacting you to schedule a time to pre-record).



All of your links begin with The suffix is the word ignite and your first name (no space between). They've been hyperlinked below. 



Please use your unique link to access your Google Drive folder for the Giveaway. Only your email has been added to your specific folder. If you'd like us to add an assistant or team member to your folder's permissions, please email and we'll gladly do so. 

Inside your folder you'll find your unique link (once it's ready), a copy folder which will have all email and social media copy, a graphics folder which will have graphics specifically made for you and a folder where you can submit all of your materials to us. 

Please only submit materials for your participation via Google Drive. If you need support doing so, please reach out to Dawn (email above) and she can support you.

Thank you in advance

– The Red Elephant Team

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