Cracking the Collaboration Code

Collaboration can be an effective way to build and diversify your audiences, boost sales and establish strategic partnerships. As a result, collaborating with the right people and partners can lead to drastic increases in sales, performance and overall effectiveness.

The surge of technology has made this more accurate than any previous time in our entrepreneurial history. Because technology has made it so much easier and simple to communicate and because communication is paramount to effective collaboration, the opportunity of today is collaborate.

Here are 5 practices to take on immediately in order to crack the code on strategic collaboration.

  1. Approach Collaboration From Long-Term Thinking: In today's fast past world, we can easily dismiss long term successful strategies that may be more profitable in the long run if we allow the birthing process that an idea naturally requires to become viable.
  2. Be Curious – Let go of preconceived notions as they relate to what you're dealing with. Put aside how you've ‘done things,' and be willing to learn from your partners and colleagues.
  3. Adaptability – Be flexible. When collaborating with others, make sure you remember, they have strongly held views as well and you adjusting to their behavior will likely have them adjust to yours.
  4. Lead with Respect and Nurture Your Partnerships – Respect goes a long way and so does investing in the people you want to work with. A collaboration with a strong foundation can navigate failure all the way to success.
  5. Do More Than Your Share – Don't do the minimum required as it relates to your partnerships. Go above and beyond. Always lead with generosity and make sure you reciprocate in the way it's wanted and needed – not necessarily in the ways you want to.

For the introverts and ambiverts – collaboration may sound like awful news. In fact, it's the opposite. One great collaboration might be all you need to never have to speak to anyone again. In all seriousness, collaboration has the potential to take you out of the need to speak to many, repeatedly over time, if you can find a handful of great partners to collaborate with regularly.

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