Celebrating Women of Influence

This event is like no other. It’s a chance for us to recharge our energies and celebrate our togetherness and unity. To connect with other like-minded people and explore the ways we can all be successful.

Over a dozen influential women will be there to show us how they have become successful entrepreneurs and teach us ways to be effective leaders. They are women with great importance who will share the secrets to their accomplishments.

Everyone has a story to tell. In this event where we celebrate each other, we come together to share our insights on how we can achieve success. We will inspire each and every participant and influence others in making an impact in their communities. We celebrate you!

Keep reading and join us in this wonderful event.

Come With Us!
Meeting similar women who have the same outlook on life as you do can be quite difficult. In this world where most favor men, it can be hard to get our voice out and make someone hear us.

However, those days are slowly disappearing. Times are changing, and people are listening to us. Women are now appreciated, they are successful, and are treated as equals. We have been to highs and lows, proving that we are to be treated fairly and to be respected in society.

Many outstanding women have created a substantial impact on leading and making significant changes in their communities. We have invited them to share the ways we can break through the barriers and achieve what we dream of in life.

International Women’s Day
We have come a long way in making a change. Gone are the days when women are only told to stay home and take care of the children. Because of the determination of the women before us, we have proven to everyone that we can lead and that we are worthy of being looked at as equal.

The 8th of March every year shows how far we’ve all come. As a group, we have demonstrated the power that we hold, and we’ll continually show everyone our desire to achieve equality for the years to come.

Just like International Women’s Day, every year, we dedicate a special event to celebrate all the progress and developments of women like us. It serves to inspire others to become the best they can be and make them realize all the things they can achieve.
Our Story

Being a matriarch, the leader of the female elephants must manifest an incredible display of endurance, strength, and wisdom to guide the herd. It’s amazing how the matriarch elephant influences the other female elephants. They rely on her when there’s danger, look up to her maternal instincts, and entrust the whole group’s safety to her.

This strong leadership of the matriarch elephant became the inspiration of Red Elephant’s founder — to create a non-government organization that promotes women and equality. Red Elephant is founded by a woman of color from a minority group. Coming from a place where inequality based on gender is rampant, she knew that she needed to make a change. And that’s where it all started.

We became a family led by women where everyone is safe and welcome.

The Red Elephant 

The Red Elephant is a group that promotes empowerment, equality, and self-worth to every woman worldwide. We believe that the key to success is through education and self-awareness, which are the main focuses of our programs. Living in a society where women are allowed to express themselves in their respective careers and a world where there’s respect for all genders is what we dream of achieving.

We strive to help women realize the power they hold in terms of career, business, and also when it comes to leadership. This is why we host this yearly event to help women get together and inspire them to be more — because they deserve more.
Don’t hesitate to send us a message if you want to know more about our upcoming event! We are sure that our guests’ inspiring messages will breathe life into all of us, keep us going in whatever we do, and help us thrive in our society.
Girls, let’s have fun!


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