Back to Basics: Business Strategy 101

Autumn arrived during a time of upheaval in our lives.  As we continue to operate under pandemic guidelines, and in a climate of economic and political uncertainty, how do you strategize your business when the future is unclear?

At Red Elephant, our strategy is to fall back to basics.

After Hurricane Sandy we lost all our contracts and had to start over.  What did we do?  We started calling our lists and we hosted an event.  This year, our largest planned event, Stand Out and Thrive, was to be held in April. When all large events were canceled, we had to fall back to basics.  For us, that means hosting incredible, transformational community-sized virtual events.

We hosted a series of events this summer: SPARC, Flip the Script, Pivot, Stand for Your Stand and Screw Networking As Usual, including a fan takeover edition, to stay connected with our fans and broaden our base to build up to our larger event. This ensured we were meeting the needs of our community while building excitement and momentum.

We held our new three-day event, Dare to Impact last week to packed Zoom rooms and rave reviews!  By hosting our event, we kept our business moving forward as we brought people together and shared our vision.  Here is a sample of what are leaders are saying about it:

  • “My moment of impact is more than just a moment, it is the entire movement of support of the herd for each member and potential member as we support each other's growth, struggles, difficulties and triumphs….” – Dawn Meyer, Purple Dawn
  • “I had two magical moments of impact.  One was hearing a generational story of Red Elephant – how someone invited someone else, who invited me, and I invited friends, and they were so moved that they shared their breakthroughs at Dare to Impact.  Because one of Red Elephant's early fans reached out at the beginning of the chain – many links later, lives were impacted for the better.  My second moment was hearing new people say they were ready to be “lifers” with Red Elephant because they felt such a sense of belonging.  I want to create a movement with this kind of magnetism!”  – Gina Tyckoson, Clarify Success

Here's one of the frameworks we taught from in the event that will give you a basic understanding of our process for teaching about impact.

You can read more testimonials on our Red Elephant herd Facebook page:

Here are seven Red Elephant-sized ideas to help you fall back to basics:

  • Host a ten-person-in-a room event to share your mission build your community
  • Attend other people’s events – discover what is important to them right now
  • Conduct virtual coffee chats (send a Starbucks gift card to make it extra special!)
  • Reach out to complementary businesses to see how you can support one another
  • Announce “open office hours” when your audience can reach you to ask questions
  • Create or go back to your top 100 call list.  Pick up the phone and connect!
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities for entrepreneurs such as: Screw Networking as Usual

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Screw Networking As Usual

Red Elephant’s event experts have been hosting Screw Networking As Usual for nine years for a diverse business community. You’ll meet an entrepreneur, lawyer, coach, speaker, author, entertainer, or real estate agent in any of our events. Apart from networking, our guests often want to learn about leadership, influence, marketing, or women empowerment.

Stand For Your Stand

In the musical Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton perfectly describes what we think leadership should be. He said to Aaron Burr, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” We agree. We believe leaders should have the following traits to succeed: courage, self-awareness, and influence. Whatever your job is — entrepreneur, marketing manager, life coach, real estate agent, financial advisor, or account executive — you need these traits to transform lives.


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