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Meet “100K Event Queen” Afrin Khan

For over 20 years, Afrin has guided individuals, groups and corporations around the world to produce breakthrough results in the areas of speaking, leadership, and making an impact. She is celebrated for cultivating extraordinary, collaborative communities and for pioneering cutting edge training methods that help entrepreneurs build six and seven figure businesses.

Afrin has been on a mission to impact the world in a positive way since childhood, and in 2011 she launched Red Elephant, which empowers entrepreneurs to go beyond their comfort zone to reach their goals and achieve massive success along the way.


Who are the Red Elephant Herd?

The Herd is a fast growing community of entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world. Using Red Elephant’s Signature Impact Method, our community learns how to unlock their value, find their voice and unleash their vision into the world. From never having spoken on stage before to speaking and converting, our clients learn how to build a business that makes income while making an impact (even if they’ve never sold anything before!).

Founded by “100K Event Queen”, Afrin Khan and “Transformational Titan,” Iman Khan in 2011, Red Elephant has helped thousands of individuals stand out in their marketplace including Ophi & Tali Edut, Re Perez, Jan Edwards, Karen Jacobsen, Mark Porteous, Alan Davidson, Allyson Byrd, Steve Olsher, Kim Butler, Monica Shah, Shameca Tankerson, Valorie Hubbard, Pia Silva and Danielle Posa & Deepak Chopra and so many others.

What You’ll Find Inside Red Elephant University?

Come for the courses. Stay for the community. For over 10 years, Afrin and Iman have been using their own proprietary systems that have produced breakthroughs for start-up and six and seven-figure companies. Afrin and Iman teach these systems through proven and tested frameworks they've developed and built courses and training around. Combining personal transformation with these frameworks has and continues to produce breakthroughs and results that make a lasting difference in their client's businesses, but also their lives.


The Red Elephant University Difference

This isn’t just “information.” This is about transformation. 

  • Transforming how you are seen in your communities so that you become the leader others want to follow.
  • Transforming your passion for change into a sustainable business.
  • Transforming strangers into fans and fans into clients.
  • Transforming the lonely, sometimes dog-eat dog world of “business” into something you’ll LOVE through the power of authenticity and community!

JOIN THE HERD… Be seen. Be heard. Break Through

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