2020 US Election: Standing for What Matters

For years – since we started in fact – we've been talking about what it takes to have create a ‘Stand,' and how to keep standing for it. How to get your Stand into your business, life and the marketplaces you inhabit.

See, having a Stand is insufficient. We've all got one. We all have the things we are so passionate about that we can't think of much else.

But we don't always stand up and do whatever it takes to see our Stand realized in the world.

This election cycle has been a perfect demonstration of people standing for what they Stand for. It doesn't matter what your politics are and this post isn't meant to start a dialogue about methods or tactics that people employed to have their stand realized. What it is mean to do is point to people getting their voices heard, making their passions and positions known and doing whatever they could within their power to see to what they care about.

This is what we've been teaching our clients to do for almost a decade. This is what it takes to lead a movement or grow a business that's worth your time and your life.

Here are things you can do right now to stand for your Stand:

  • Distinguish it. What is it you care about and want to see happen in the world? Put this into simple language!
  • Share it. Share it with people you trust and get their feedback. You don't have to listen to what they say, but you want the feedback so you can prepare yourself with what's going to come your way when you finally step out there.
  • Brainstorm: Take the feedback you've received and come up with different ideas to express your stand (use social media, events, email marketing, videos, etc.)

Like we mentioned, we've been teaching this for almost a decade and have figured out some things about it. We've got courses, trainings and challenges we run all year about this very topic. We'd love to share what we know with you at no cost to you – we just ask for your time and commitment.

Join us for a live webinar, Monday, November 23, 5-7:30PM EST, where we will walk you through how to Stand for Your Stand, where to start and what actions to take. Click here to get registered for this free training.

Need support or have any questions? Please feel free to contact us at any time: info@redelephantinc.com.



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In the musical Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton perfectly describes what we think leadership should be. He said to Aaron Burr, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” We agree. We believe leaders should have the following traits to succeed: courage, self-awareness, and influence. Whatever your job is — entrepreneur, marketing manager, life coach, real estate agent, financial advisor, or account executive — you need these traits to transform lives.


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